Rest Haven Sunday School


     Welcome to the Rest Haven Sunday School webpage. Here you can find addresses, leave messages, discuss things on a forum, send mass emails, and help our Sunday School run smoothly. 

     Here are the features of our webpage:
     The Address Book: A slip of paper you can lose, but you can 
               always find the info you need here.
     Schedule: Who's doing what when?
     The Listserv -- we have a listserv, which allows us to send an email 
               to everyone using only one address.  To email the listserv, please set address as
               "". Questions about listservs?

     The Forum: An online forum where people can post and respond to 
               the postings of others. Apologies for the advertising, but this is
               necessary to  maintain a free forum.
     The Guestbook: Where you can leave messages and read the 
               messages of others. 
     Pictures: Where you can see pictures of Rest Haven which have been 
               submitted by email. 
     Family Tree: Thanks to Frankie Rice for being the collector and care-taker of 
               this part of our history!

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     And some good news about ospreys!

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